Curious case of critics

Having an opinion is one thing but projecting it as a view of all is another

Ken Follet when asked about his reaction to the fact that his most
acclaimed book “The pilars of the earth” became a great success even though there was widespread criricism about it, he said

Yeah, and I think its a good thing too, because when you’re reading a book in order to write a
review, you have a different approach to it. I know ‘cause I’ve done it myself very occasionally,
I’ve done book reviews myself - as you’re reading, you’re thinking, ‘What can I say about
this?’ So you don’t enjoy it the way a regular reader does. So I don’t credit those reviews. I
do sometimes look at them, and if they’re bad, I’m irritated and disappointed but I don’t
believe, I don’t assess myself. I don’t take myself at the estimation of those reviewers.

Same applies to movie reviews every reviewer goes to a movie not in the state of mind to enjoy but to
disect or criticise

Note:Long before Ken Follett became a successful writer he worked as reporter for a newspaper
where he wrote lot of reviews

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