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Octopress default theme customization

April 22, 2013

Octopress supports Liquid templating system and uses Sass to styling the themes.

Octopress comes with wonderful default theme.

A theme by name ‘classic’ is shipped in .themes folder along with Octopress. When you install the theme using the following command.

rake install

… all the HTML and javascriot files are copied into /source directory and Sass styles are copied into /sass directory.

The file structure of source folder is

  _includes/    # Main layout partials
    custom/     # <- Customize head, header, navigation, footer, and sidebar here
    asides/     # Theme sidebar partials
    post/       # post metadata, sharing & comment partials
  _layouts/     # layouts for pages, posts & category archives

The file structure of sass folder is

  base/           # Contains base styles
  custom/         # Contains custom styles
  partials/       # Contains styles of partials
  plugins/        # Contains plugin styles
  _base.scss      # In this all base folder sccs files are imported
  _partials.scss  # In this all partials folder scss files are inported
  screen.scss     # In this all the styles are imported

To make changes to template make changes in source/_includes/custom folder

To make changes to css make changes in sass/custom folder