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November 27, 2013

Openshift is The Open Hybrid Cloud Application Platform by Red Hat

Yesterday while searching for a hosting provoder to host an application developed using ZendFramework i happened to come across this awesome service.

There are three versions of this service

  • OpenShift Online
  • OpenShift Enterprise
  • OpenShift Origin

You can find all about them here.

One of my friends has been asking me to help him in creating his own blog to post all his class materials for his students and interested people to access, he is a salesforce trainer. He once again asked about creating his own website/blog yesterday and Openshift came to my mind.

Now for owning a website it costs money.

  • Domain registration : around 10 USD/year
  • Hosting : around 7 USD/month

So for one year it will cost 94 USD i.e 5859.21 INR

I registered a domain for him on GoDaddy for 120.62 INR - They provided a one time registration offer on one domain for 1 year, don’t know if this offer still exists.

For hosting the doamin i registered for the free plan provided by Openshift.

There is a neat step by step procedure for configuring and hosting your domain at the space provided by Openshift, you can see those details at their website

There are lot of services provided by Openshift to install like wordpress,drupal etc for you to start your work straight away.

I installed wordpress for my friend to post his class material.

The total time taken by me to configure a bare minimum blogging website for my friend is 1 Hour

The total amount paid by my friend for this fully functional website is 120.62 INR