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Is it worth? if he had to give up being a king

April 27, 2012

My view is kings also have wishes

I had this feeling when Chiranjeevi was making preparations for entering into politics. I consider him as king in his domian i.e films but if he has to change his domain how would he fare? well, the results is there all to see.

Pawan kalyan is a great entertainer(i say here entertainer not actor),he chooses his scripts well but attimes they fail but everyone criticised him for directing a movie after his movie “Johnny” flopped.

Sachin Tendulkar is being given MP post in Rajyasabha. Now everyone wants him to decline it but does anybody no his intentions in accepting it? Even i don’t know.Him accepting the post doesn’t mean that he is endorsing the policies. I also feel that it would have been great if he had declined the offer.

Everyone has wishes but only few will succeed. I sicerely hope Mega,Power,little will succeed eventually.