Curious case of critics

Having an opinion is one thing but projecting it as a view of all is another

Ken Follet when asked about his reaction to the fact that his most
acclaimed book “The pilars of the earth” became a great success even though there was widespread criricism about it, he said

Yeah, and I think its a good thing too, because when you’re reading a book in order to write a
review, you have a different approach to it. I know ‘cause I’ve done it myself very occasionally,
I’ve done book reviews myself - as you’re reading, you’re thinking, ‘What can I say about
this?’ So you don’t enjoy it the way a regular reader does. So I don’t credit those reviews. I
do sometimes look at them, and if they’re bad, I’m irritated and disappointed but I don’t
believe, I don’t assess myself. I don’t take myself at the estimation of those reviewers.

Same applies to movie reviews every reviewer goes to a movie not in the state of mind to enjoy but to
disect or criticise

Note:Long before Ken Follett became a successful writer he worked as reporter for a newspaper
where he wrote lot of reviews

The Interview

Movie viewing experience

Every work we do is an extension of part of our past experience

Sofia Coppola

Sofia coppola’s ‘Somewhere’ is an excellent movie. After seeing it i read some of the reviews online about the movie, some reviews were good some were critical about the plot of the movie. Some reviewers of the view that in real life such incidents doesn’t occur.

Sofia coppola’s academy award winning movie ‘Lost in translation’ is about a movie star with a sense of emptiness, ‘Somewhere’ is a movie about a hard-living Hollywood actor re-examining his life after his 11-year-old daughter surprises him with a visit and her next movie ‘The Bling Ring’ is about a group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the Internet to track celebrities whereabouts in order to rob their homes. If one notice the plots of all these movies you do find they revolve around movie stars or celebrities among whom sofia grew up. Sofia coppola is daughter of Francis Ford coppola. After knowing about Sofia coppola i came to know that a director makes a movie taking inspiration from the surroundings he/she grew up in and a movie goer views a movie and understands with respect to his/her experinces in life. So a person who is alien to celebrity life may find Sofia coppola’s movies as trash but sofia might find a movie directed by the same person as trash unless she had studied or understood the person’s environment.

Movie viewing experience depends upon how a viewer connects to the premise of directors vision. If a director makes a movie and hopes to connectto every audience then his/her work will become futile as the experiences of each audience is as different as their finger prints are.A director only can make a movie out of his/her experiences or imagination and hope people will like it. A viewer before criticising a movie it would be great if he/she first understands what a director is trying to show in a movie and react.

A director makes a movie out of his experience/imagination but there are some movies which are made out of inspiration from other movies/directors which most of the audience might find redundant. Why can’t every director find stories from his/her experience/environment? I find Tamil movie directors are the only people who make movies which are unique and representing the environment they live in. Every other industry should try to be unique as every director’s experiences are unique.

Playing for teams cause

This tweet got me thinking

  1. What if team want to win the game but captain has no interest in winning?
  2. What if captain wants to win the game and team thinks otherwise?
  3. What if only the batsman at crease wants to win the game but rest of the team and the captain has no interest in winning the game?
  4. What if the purpose of the team is to lose the game?