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Sehwag, Yuvraj and Team selection

September 30, 2012

** “(The) thing about such a defeat is that whoever didn’t play in the XI suddenly becomes the best player in the side.”** - Akash Chopra

Virender Sehwag

I lost interest in cricket once cricket plunged into poverty due to Dravid’s farewell from the pitch but all this hungama around Sehwag’s selection or rather non-selection is too good to ignore.

In the past six months there were lot of team selections which raised lot of questions and this Sehwag exclusion is not that big a thing but in this case he is the one who has to be blamed for getting himself into this situation.

I consider Sehwag is the most dangerous batsman on earth , i sometimes think he is the best in the batting busines in the whole universe, but there is a caveat to it “On his day” as crickert experts say sometimes to defend their arguments in favour of Sehwag. Come to think of it , “On my day” i can take six wickets in six balls or score 100 in 17 balls but when will someone bilieve that i can do such things is only when i consistently show such kind of traits at every possible chance i get. Now Sehwag did not perform in any domestic games, for that matter he seems to be skipping net sessions, to consider him for selection.

I also consider Sehwag is the McGrath of spin bowling for his accuracy and huge turns he generates with his off spins but lately he seems to be detesting it as tumor so him getting seleted as a part bowloer is also ruled out.

Talking about fielding and Sehwag in one sentence is like identifying Gay rights with Republican party of USA.

So please tell me why he should be selected into present Indian team.

Yuvraj Singh

Yes he is the most gifted player in India , Yes he played a major role in winning world cup for India, Yes he is a grittiest cricket player who has endured the harsh realities of cancer, chemo theraphy and all but plaese someone tell me why he has been selected into present team even before he had some match practice. He has not played a match since that much mailigned IPL and moreover he did not perform well in those matches too. Just because he endured lot of pain in a hospital doesn’t make him right to get selected into playing eleven of a cricket match straight away.

You can’t expect to win a match by selecting all those players who are not in form just becuase to make them feel good and later complain about it. I see there is lot of arm twistting in Indian team selection, this has been the case since the first Indian team is formed.

So tell me why are you still expecting Indian team to win.