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Stitch in time even if it covers part of the hole

Back in March 2018 i worked on correcteting most of our projects Db resetting/handling process but i ended up making lot of changes to already executed migration files.

The method i used to make those migrations work on a blank Db or a base db was not an ideal one and it can not go into main branch at any point in time, we all decided and abondaned it , but i didnt anticipate that i will be doing the same work again to make those migrations work for a client.

At the start of the day my only aim was to finish up this work and move on to other tasks as quickly as possible, all through out the process i kept nagging myself why haven't i done this process last time(March 2018). If i had done this process then today i would have been perfecting the process so that it can be merged into main branch.

A lesson learnt, a good one, even if a solution solves part of the problem and there is no alternative at that time then do it and visit it again and when visited again to perfect it work will be not be from ground zero atleast there will be some progress forward and mind will be ready for a solution from that point rather than from bottom.

Need to be careful about abondining things/ideas/thoughts.